Townshend Bibliography

Published Sources

Calendar of State Papers Domestic Robert Townshend refs found in 1648, 1650, 1661 & 1683 (comprehensive search not yet done so could be more)
Burke's Landed Gentry *1952 edition (under Duncan) †1845 edition
The Cheshire Sheaf Vol 8 p7 and †Vol 13 p 42
*The Twemlows, their wives and their houses 1910
*Brown, Cedric C (ed) The poems and masques of Aurelian Townshend, Reading 1983
Calvert AF, Salt in Cheshire, 1915
†Chambers, EK (ed) Aurelian Townshend's poems and masques, Oxford 1912 contains excellent biographical information
*Ormerod, George and Helsby, Thomas History of the county Palatine and city of Chester, Routledge, London 1882 (2nd Edition)
†Palmer, AN History of the thirteen country townships of the old parish of Wrexham and of the townships of Burras Riffri, Erlas and Erdigg, Wrexham 1903. Reference in connection with Anthony Townshend's tennancy of Plas Coch p.198
†Palmer, AN History of the old parish of Gresford in the counties of Denbigh and Flint, Archaeologia Cambrensis, 6th series, Vol V, part II, April 1905. Pedigree and other details
*Poole, Benjamin Coventry: its History and Antiquities London 1870. a few references to Townshend
Victoria County History of Warwickshire Vol 8 several references in connection with the Townshends' tennancy of Childesmore Park, Coventry
Visitation of Warwickshire 1682-3 Harlian Soc Vol 85
Warwickshire County Records; quarter sessions records Vol VII (1674-1682) and Vol III (1682-1690), Warwick 1946. References to Robert's role a JP
Whitley, TW The parliamentry representation of Coventry, Coventry 1894

Unpublished Sources

Townshend of Hem roll pedigree Society of Genealogists

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