James Royds' account of the family (1826)

(Transcript of manuscript formerly in the possession of the late Jimmy Royds, purchased by Nigel Watts from Kenneth Jacob March 1999. Paper bears watermark with the date 1838)

Copy of papers found at Mount Falinge in 1842 in the handwriting of James Royds who died 2nd Feby 1842

Memm. Off hand September 1826

My Grandfather James Royds lived at Deeplishill near Rochdale and died there before I was born I think about 66 years old. I have heard my father say that my grandfather lived in Yorkshire & I have some recollection of Windy Bank or Townhouse being his former residence & that a brother lived at townhouse near Littlebro'. This I take to be the father ancestor of Mrs Ferrand and Mrs Buckley of Rochdale two sisters & who were the parents of the present Thos Ferrand late Mrs Dearden and two Buckleys' Wm & John now living.

My Grandfr married Mary Byrom dr of Wm Byrom of Rodds Middlehill to whom the small estate belonged & I recollect John Byrom her Bro Nephew who lived at Rhodes & James Byrom his Bro: who was n low estate and I have frequently relieved. He had a son who inherited John's estate & I believe spent it and died before his father. I think there was a daughter but I never knew her or who she married. John had I think two daughters one of whom was married to Bamford of those issue now livg. My grandfather died in 1770 aged 87.

In 1770 or 1775 a Miss Watson of Arkworth Yorkshire was said to have died intestate and that some property might come to my grandson: or to John Byrom as heir at Law and they agree to prosecute their claims jointly and divide anything they recovered. My grandfather mother was said to be one degree nearer in the female than her nephew John Byrom was in the male line. Sam(?) Watson was I think granddaughter of Clegg near Kirkham and I recollect the name of Nightingale as a relative & who I think took the greatest part as heir in the female line certain lands at Guisburn & Barnoldswick in Craven were recovered & my father paid John Byrom half the value of the latter and took it and the Common then inclosing at the former & JB had the farm at Guisburn which I think Mr Bamford who married his Dr now holds.

I possess Barnoldswick & Guisburn moor under my father's will. My father had a Bro William who lived at Brotherod bought by my grandfather [he had a twin brother James who died young I believe] he married Ann Luck of Spotland Bridge & left his widow in 1764 with one son James who died some time after his father & my father father (sic) got Brotherod as heir at Law, dower being paid to my Aunt Wm till her death now many years ago. My father had one sister who died before my birth. In 1756 I think my father bo: Falinge and I was born there in 1758 after my sister Ann who died about 1769 aged 12. My eldest Bro: John died in 1823 having no issue. My youngest Bro Thomas born in 1764 having two sisters born at the same time who survived many months & my parents had 10 children, 7 of whom died minors. My eldest bro: John married in 1778 Ann second daughter of Charles Smith of Summer Castle who died in 1822 having had one son long since died. My youngest Bro Thos married in 1783 Elizabeth third daughter of said Charles Smith & Had issue eight children: John Gilbert who married Ellen Entwisle of Foxholes & had issue; Caroline who married Robert Hill of Crossfield & has issue; William who married Georga Dr of Lawce Peel; Ellen who married Jonn fifth son of Lawe Peel & has issue; Thos who married Rachel Dr of Ashton & has issue & Elizabeth who married Wm Ingledew of Cheltenham. Two died young.

In 1784 I married Mary fourth Dr of Charles Smith & who died 1816 aged 49. Our issue has been twelve children of whom eight are now living (I lost Susanna, Emily Darendisy(?) & Jane) Clement, James, Edward, Mary Ann, Frances Lucy Anna, Charles Smith & Harriet. Clement married in 1810 Jane Dr of Charles Hudson of Halifax & has issue Albert Hudson, Emma, Edmond, Wm Edwd John & Julia - James marrd in 1815 Elizabeth Dr of John Ratcliffe of Manchester & has issue Clara & James. Edward married in 1819 Mary Dr of Thos Molyneux of Liverpool & has issue Edward Clement & Henry (twins) Thos Molyneux & Francis Coliman. Mary Ann married in 1824 Hugh Robert second son of John Entwish of Foxholes. My father John Royds married in 1754 Ann Dr of Thos Gibert of Cotton Co of Stafford who married Philips and had two sons and four daughters. My mother died in 1770 & my father in Jany 1799.

Thomas the eldest son was MP for Litchfield in 7 or 8 parliaments and married his cousin Philips of Staffordshire & has issue two sons Thomas & Richard. (married secondly but left no surviving issue) Richard married & has issue John the 2nd son was agent to the Duke of Bridgewater at Worsley for many years & till his death married ___ Bill of Farley & has issue three sons Thomas Robert & John. Thomas married __ Shaw of Altringham & has one son John who is mar: & has surviving issue - one Daughter Lydia married her half cousin Nathn Gould of Manchester who left one daughter married to her cousin Joseph Gould of Northaw. One daughter married to George Lauder of Birmingham & has issue. Robert Rector of Ithington married __ Taylor of Rochdale & had issue Lydia, John, Robert. Elizabeth married to __ Day & has issue. John the 3 son with Clough Hall in Staffordshire married .... & died without issue in 1812 leaving me an Exor.

The three sisters of my mother married the one to Richard Gould of Pilsbury & had issue Richard who married and left issue. William who married .... Ashton of Manchester & left issue several Drs one of whom married Ratcliffe & whose Dr was married to Thos Fleming of Manchester.

Another sister married to Thomas Bird of Oakewell & has issue Thomas, William, Francis, John, David & Mary. Thomas mar: & had issue Thomas and two drs one of whom mar: to Richd Hill of Stallington, whose mother was Clark & I have heard my mother say was Cousin. David married & has a large family but i cannot recapitulate. Wm and Mary are now living at Oakewell unmarrd.

Another sister married to Joseph Gould of Bakewell & had issue William, Thomas, Joseph, Nathaniel, John, George & Lydia. Wm married & left one dr married to Gillum of Bath. I was an Exor. Thomas married Hbout (sic?) & both are now living with a large family, Thomas, Nathaniel, Richard, Joseph, Philip, William & Fanny, Lydia, Ann, Harriet, Ellen & Susanna. Nathaniel married & has issue. Joseph married Lydia Dr of Nathaniel (his own cousin) & has issue. Joseph married Wardle & left Joseph, William, Nathaniel, Richard, John, Thomas & Ann all living unmarried. Nathaniel married his cousin Lydia Gilbert. George marrried & has issue I think sons. Lydia married ..... Lucas of Sheffiled & left no issue.

The family of Royds at Halifax & my father always called other cousins, but I never heard the exact affinity, or who was their father.

Jeremiah, John & Robert Royds has a house of business in London. Richard a brother lived at and owned Thrum Hall near Blackstone Edge. He died unmarrried. Jeremiah lived in London married and had issue two Drs one married to ...... Jackson & died without issue, one married to ..... & had issue.

John lived at Halifax married & has issue John, Jeremiah, Richard & Thomas & several Drs one of whom married to Hamer of Halifax & had one Dr. John married his Cousin Dr of Robert & was appointed a Judge in India & died there. Jeremiah married ..... & had one son John who married & has a family & is the only male heir of the family. Richard & Thomas died unmard. Robert Royds had a son & Dr. The Dr married John the son of John her cousin. The son married and resided near Castle Howard & died without issue.

John Smith of Sparth (sic?) was father of a numerous family Charles, John, Edmund, Thomas, Isaac, Benjamin & five Drs. Charles the eldest has four Drs the first Ellen married Robt Whitworth & left one Dr married her cousin Robt Whitworth & both now living with issue. John first son married his cousin Mary Dr of Edmund Smith & had two Drs one Theodesia married to ..... Bennet & has a son. Mary married to Clark is dead leaving issue. Charles married Judith Berkin & left issue a son & daughter. The mother died after her husband. I was left joint Exor & recd their two children. Katherine died at my house about 1820 & Charles the son is now nineteen and entered of Christ Col Cambridge. Edmund 2nd son married Penn Bell of Farley (sic?) & had one Dr who married Thos Vavasour of Rochdale & had issue. He married 2nd .... Raynor & had issue Mary, Jane, Isaac, Ann & other children. Mary mas before stated her cousin John my wife's brother. Jane married P.C. Bruce & has issue Ann married John Walmsley of Castlemere & has issue. Isaac married & has issue one son. Thomas married Frith (sic?) & has several sons who died young & four Drs Ester, Ellen, Harriet & May. Esther married Sir Wm Burdett Bart. Ellen married John Entwisle of Foxholes & has issue. Harriet married Sir Robt Arbuthnot. Mary married Hugh D Baillie & has issue. Benjamin married Alice Lord & has one son George now living in Paris. John mar: & felt issue Beckwith who left John married & has issue. One Dr married Heywood. One married Ford. One married Worsley & had issue I think all dead. One married Thomas Ball of Rochdale & had issue Edward, Thomas, Isaac, Charles & a Dr all unmarried. One married ..... Smith & leftissue a Dt married George Law no issue & Margaret unmarried.

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