Royds Bibliography

Published Sources

Halifax and District Illustrated 1880s? Photos & some description of interior of the Halifax Royds' House
*The Royds of Rochdale Three banks review 19, 1953, 44-53 An article on Clement Royds and the foundation of his bank
Brierley, Henry The Rochdale reminiscences of Henry Brierley Rochdale 1923
*Boynton, Lindsay Gillow Furniture Designs 1760-1800 Bloomfield Press 1995 - reference to James Royds of Brownhill and Roger Royds of Rochdale, probably as customers for items of furniture. It is possible that there may be drawings of the furniture in question in the Gillow archive, but I have yet to consult it.
*Brocklebank, GR The Pedigree of the family of Royds 1951 (2nd ed)
Butterworth, James An historical and topographical account of the town of Rochdale Manchester 1828 - some Royds references (but no index)
*Fishwick, Henry The history of the parish of Rochdale Rochdale 1889 - numerous Royds references and a pedigree - lots on ecclesiastical history and who owned what houses when, but little in the way of economic history
Fishwick, Henry (ed) Survey of the manor of Rochdale 1626 Chetham Society 1913
*Hanson TW, The Royds of George Street, Halifax and Bucklersbury, London Transactions of the Halifax Antiquarian Soc 1941
†Hanson, TW The story of old Halifax, 1920 a couple of Royds references
*Heaton, H Yorkshire woollen and worsted industries 1920
*Kendall, HP Beeston Hirst and Thrum Hall in Soyland [and the Royde family] Halifax Antiquarian Soc 1915
*Lead, Peter, Agents of Revolution; John and Thomas Gilbert - entrepreneurs Keele University Staffordshire Heritage Series c. 1989. John Royds married Ann Gilbert, Peter and Thomas's sister. Gilbert pedigree and specific references to John and James Royds.
Malet, Hugh The Canal Duke David & Charles 1961. An account of the life of the 3rd Duke of Bridgewater for whom John Gilbert (brother in law of John Royds) was agent. One reference to John Royds and another to Smith.
Molesworth, Revd John Edward Nassau The church and the grave: A sermon preached on the death of J. Royds, Esq., of Mount Falinge, London 1842 (seen copy at the British Library - doesn't contain much about James Royds's life)
Molesworth, Revd John Edward Nassau Letter to Clement Royds, Esq etc 1845
*Priestley, JH Brigg Royd and Ribbonden Bridge, Halifax Antiquarian Society 1935
*R. The Royds of Rishworth, Halifax Antiquarian Society, 1904-5 (also published in the Halifax Guardian in 1905)
†Raines, Revd Canon The Vicars of Rochdale Chetham Society 1883 Quite a few references to Royds, especially Clement and his role as a magistrate in the disturbances in the 1840s in which John Bright was involved.
*Roth, Ling The genesis of banking in Halifax, Halifax 1914 - only a brief mention of Royds, but could be useful background
*Royds, Sir Clement The Pedigree of the family of Royds 1910 (1st ed)
*Royds, Thomas Fletcher Haughon rectory : or, four country parsons Wilding, Shrewsbury, 1953
*Smail, John The origins of middle class culture: Halifax, Yorkshire, 1660-1780, Cornell UP 1994. Several references to the Halifax branch and picture of their house. Also good background material (if one ignores the sociological jargon)
*Taylor, EL The early wool trade of Rochdale [16th to 18th cent.] Rochdale Literary and Scientific Soc, Vol XII. Rather lightweight
*Taylor, Rebe P Rochdale Retrospect Corporation of Rochdale 1956. Good general history, some Royds references and further references.
Turner, J Horsfall Biographia Halifaxiensis 1883 only Vol 1 seen. Passing reference to Richard Royd, yeoman, of Beestonhirste, in an Elizabethan indenture (Nov 7 35 Eliz)
*Wadsworth, AP, History of the Rochdale woollen trade, Rochdale Literary and Scientific Soc, Vol XV p.94 Specifically talks about the Royds family
*Wadsworth, AP & Mann JdeL, The cotton trade & industrial Lancashire 1600-1780, Manchester 1931 (reprinted Kelley, New York, 1968). Classic work on the subject with some specific references to Royds

Things that appeared relevant but were not

*Kendall, HP The Harper Royds [the houses and their owners] Halifax Antiquarian Soc 1913
*Kendall, HP The Royd in Soyland [the house and its owners] Halifax Antiquarian Soc 1915

Unpublished Sources

Royds of Rochdale family papers - recently dispersed and most are now unaccounted for. *Batch of letters now preserved in the Greater Manchester Record Office. *Other letters now in possesion of Peter de Rougemont, Esq. Some papers were bought by Roger Royds of Braidwood, NSW (no copies yet), and a few were bought by me. *I have also acquired 6 volumes of Falinge estate ledgers (from the 1890s to the 1920s) and a near-contemporary manuscript copy of an account of the family wriiten by James Royds in the 1830s.
Rochdale Canal Minute Books etc (GMRO?) Not yet seen, but likely to be a useful source (quoted by Peter Lead in his book on the Gilberts)
Royds Family, Halifax & Ovenden, papers 1635-1797 Calderdale Archives, Halifax Central library (not yet seen):
- FW:199 deeds and other documents mainly related to property acquired by the Royds family in Halifax and the Birksall estate, Ovenden 1635-1774
- HAS:362/68-87 - mainly drafts of deeds from Messrs Howarth and Ridehalgh, Solictors, of Ripponden 1756-1797
Raines MSS, Chetham Library, Manchester - content not yet checked (refered to in Wadsworth & Mann's Cotton Trade)
*Royds Family Papers Mitchell Library, New South Wales ML MSS. 221 - mainly letters to Thomas Molyneux Royds from his mother and brothers
Sir Henry Pownall Diaries 1933-45 London University Pownall (General Pownall was descended from the Royds)

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