Molyneux Bibliography

Published Sources

Liverpool and Lancashire Directories
Liverpool Vestry Books
Victoria History of Lancashire 1907
Anstey R et al Liverpool, the African Slave Trade and Abolition, HSLC 1976
*Baines, T, History of the Commerce and Town of Liverpool, 1852. pp 504, 510 & 696
*Behrendt, Stephen D The Captains in the British slave trade from 1785 to 1807, HSLC Vol 140, 1991
*Brooke, Richard, Liverpool as it was during the Last Quarter of the Eighteenth Century Liverpool 1853. (background only - no direct reference yet found)
*Gomer-Williams The Liverpool Privateers and Letters of Marque, with an account of the Liverpool slave trade 1897. References to Leyland, Bullen and Molyneux slave ship accounts
*Thomas, Hugh Slave Trade 1997. Thomas Molyneux was co-signatory to letter quoted in Appendix
*Touzeau, James, The Rise and Progress of Liverpool, 1910 pp. 787, 865

Unpublished Sources

Thomas Molyneux, ship smith, ironfounder etc account books 1817-1853 Liverpool record office. Entry described in Business History 1 No 2 1959
Leyland letter book 1786-1788 Liverpool Record Office 387 MD 59
Leyland, Thos. & Co, ships' accounts 1793-1811 Liverpool Record Office 387 MD 40-44
Leyland & Bullins bank 1807-1901 Midland Bank archives 1829-1882 Business archives council (these records may not prove relevant as Thos Molyneux appears only to have been Leyland's partner in his shipping business)
Earle Family business records 1760-1930 Merseyside Maritime Museum 1993.108. The Earles were at one time in business with the ironfounding Molyneuxes.
William Foster - letter to Thomas Molyneux, 1820 Liverpool Record Office archive accession 1985
Newsham Park deeds and related papers Liverpool Record Office archive accession 1989

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