Massie News

24 January 2000 - The Great Crash!

While messing about with my browser settings yesterday I very stupidly succeeded in deleting my entire mail file. I have lost all my incoming and outgoing e-mail correspondance for the last two years, and all my addresses. A better organised person than me would, of course, simply refer to their lastest hard disk back-up, or their file of hard copy output....

If you have e-mailed me recently (or even not recently), and are still awaiting a reply, or even if you did receive a reply, I would be very grateful if you could resend your e-mail, not least so that I have a record of your address. I shall be going to the PC shop today to get the kit needed to make the backups but unfortunately it will be a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted!


Update 19 January 2000

Kenrick Armitstead's history of the Massies of Coddington is now loaded