Drinkwater Pedigree

The information in this pedigree comes from a number of sources, including Burke's Landed Gentry, a printed pedigree supplied by Thomas L Syers of Victoria, Australia, and some manuscript notes in Armitstead Family History archive. There is some doubt about the descent of George Drinkwater (1713-1795), and at least two versions exist. The one reproduced below was that favoured by Giles Brocklebank, who studied the matter at some length, but by his own account never resolved it definitively. He certainly would have preferred this version, as it links into a myriad of medieval genealogies via Elizabeth Leigh, including a Royal Descent

GEORGE DRINKWATER (1713-1795), of Everton, died 7 March 1795, buried St Nicholas, Liverpool, the grave later being moved to St James Cemetery
= (1) ALICE ASHTON (c.1718- 1767) Died 30 April 1767, buried St Nicholas, Liverpool, the grave later being moved to St James Cemetery

Elizabeth Drinkwater (1742-1794) = Daniel Backhouse of Liverpool, merchant

George Drinkwater (c.1745-1756) born 22 April 1745, died 24 July 1756, buried St James Cemetery, Liverpool

John Drinkwater (1747-1829), of Everton, born 24 June 1747, died 4 November 1829, buried St Ann's Churchyard

Ellen Drinkwater (1750- ) born 27 August 1750 = William Harper, esq, of Davenham Hall, JP for Lancashire, alderman of the Borough of Liverpool, married 3 December 1772, St Peter's, Liverpool

Alice Drinkwater (1752-1825) born 15 October 1752 = Robert Syers (1743-1783) of Liverpool, merchant, married 18 March 1773, St Peter's Liverpool

JAMES DRINKWATER (1755-1815), merchant, alderman of Liverpool, born 28 April 1755, died 12 June 1815, buried St Nicholas' churchyard.
= ELINOR LEECE (1757-1830), daughter of William Leece, merchant of Liverpool, died 14 August 1830. Married 1777.

Elizabeth Drinkwater ( -1794) died 1 June 1794

Sir George Drinkwater (1780-1850), of Ballasalla and Kirby, Isle of Man, mayor of Liverpool 1829, knighted 21 July 1830. Born 25 October 1780, died unm 11 April 1850, buried St James cemetery

William Leece Drinkwater (1782-1835), member of the House of Keys of the Isle of Man. Died 17 October 1835
= Charlotte Elizabeth Crellin, (1794-1860) daughter of John Trissel Crellin of Drisdale, Isle of Man, Deemster of that Island, baptised 30 May 1794, Ramsay, Isle of Man

Elinor Drinkwater (1814-1884) = Clarence Horatio Carey ( -1900) married 5 August 1844, Braddan, Isle of Man. Elinor may have been his second wife.

John Drinkwater (1784-1869), merchant of Liverpool, died 29 March 1869, buried St James cemetery
= Elizabeth Gandy (1784-1873) daughter of James Gandy of Kendal, died 27 April 1873, buried St James cemetary

James Drinkwater (1808- ) born 25 October 1808 = Francesca .....

James Drinkwater = ?

John Drinkwater d. unm

Willie (?)

9 others

William Leece Drinkwater born and died 1810

Sir William Leece Drinkwater (1812-1909), of Kirby, Isle of Man, Barrister Inner Temple, First Deemster of that island, baptised 28 April 1812, St Nicholas, Liverpool
= Elinor Drinkwater Bourne (1818-1897), married 27 August 1840, Wavertree Church

Elizabeth Bourne Drinkwater (1842-1935)
= Stewart Jackson ( -1881) of Knutsford

Margaret Bourne Drinkwater (1844-1891)
= Ferdinand Maximilian Ross ( -1905)

Elinor Bourne Drinkwater (1846-1896)
= Frederick W Pigott of Bourne Hill, Horsham

Jane Bourne Drinkwater (1846-1852)

George Drinkwater (1852-1930)
= Mary Wyse Falder (1852-1928), granddaughter of Roddam J Roddam of Roddam, Northumberland

William Roddam Drinkwater (1881-1909)

George Roddam Drinkwater (1884-1903)

John Roddam Drinkwater (1888- )
= Ethel Mary Borrer (1883-1959) married 1913

Mary Diane Drinkwater (1915-
= William Edward Boulton

Roddam Collingwood Drinkwater (1894-1965)
= Dorothy Mary Adeney married 1927

Collingwood Peter Drinkwater (1931-
= Belinda Sherwood

Carolyn Drinkwater

Nicola Drinkwater

James Drinkwater

Richard John Drinkwater

John Drinkwater (1854-1888), assumed the additional surname of Lawe by Royal Licence, 1879, under the will of his cousin John Drinkwater Lawe, died unm 10 November 1883

Jane Bourne Drinkwater (1856-1865)

George Drinkwater (1815-1839) baptised 19 April 1815, St Nicholas, Liverpool, d. unm

Gandy Drinkwater (1817- ), baptised 15 February 1817, St Nicholas, Liverpool, died in Naples, unmarried

John Drinkwater (1819-1833) born 28 August 1819, baptised 23 January 1820, died in Liverpool

Peter Bourne Drinkwater (1822- ) baptised 5 November 1822, St Nicholas, Liverpool
= F Goldie

Evangeline Goldie Drinkwater (1887- ) born 25 June 1887, Isle of Man

Eliza Drinkwater (1827- ) born 25 August 1827, died at Lytham

Elinor Leece Drinkwater (1829- ) born 5 November 1829 = John George Woodhouse, married 1 August 1860, Breddon, Isle of Man

MARGARET DRINKWATER (1787-1865) born 7 April 1787, died 12 May 1865
= PETER BOURNE (1783-1846), merchant, of Heathfield, Liverpool and Hackensall Hall, Lancs, mayor of Liverpool, married 14 May 1810.

= (2) Mary, widow of John Denton of Liverpool, gent

The descent of George Drinkwater (1713-1795)

This version of the descent is based on a printed pedigree, of unknown authorship, supplied by Thomas Syers. It gives his source as "a pedigree of Drinkwater of Salford, furnished to Mr Burke for the 3rd vol. of his Commoners by a younger son of Col Drinkwater Bethune, who, I find, died a year or two ago. It is carelessly drawn upů". Additional details have been added from Giles Brocklebank's notes:

PETER DRINKWATER ( -1591) PETER DRINKWATER ( -1603) = Elizabeth Hatton ( -1632) PETER DRINKWATER ( -1663), second son = Isabel Mantell ( -1654)

PETER DRINKWATER (1648-1693) of Massey Green, Co. Cheshire
= Elizabeth Leigh, born 20 October 1648, daughter of John Leigh of Oughterington, esq

NATHANIEL DRINKWATER of Latchford, Co. Chester. Said to have married several times and lived to a great age. (Giles Brocklebank suggests that this link in the pedigree could alternatively have been a Geroge Drinkwater married to Ellen)

JOHN DRINKWATER (1688-1726), of Wooley Green, an estate given him by his father, buried at Preston = Elizabeth .... died 26 December 1728, buried at Preston

John Drinkwater, died unmarried

GEORGE DRINKWATER, whose descendants removed to Liverpool

Nathaniel Drinkwater, who entered into the merchant service

Mary Drinkwater

Peter Drinkwater, fellow of Brazenose College, Oxford
= Ann Ireton

John Drinkwater, son and heir, born at Latchford 1717, died 1759/60
= Mary Barton

John Drinkwater, of Salford, MD, born 1740
= Elizabeth Andrews married 1761

Col. John Drinkwater, who took the name of Bethune

J Eliot D Bethune

The printed pedigree coninues: "This pedigree takes no further notice of the descendants of John Drinkwater of Woolley Green; but Mrs Melling well remembers George, of Liverpool, and Nathaniel, in the merchants' service, who were her mother's uncles. I therefore continue the pedigree from her information, strengthened by Registers:

JOHN DRINKWATER, of Woolley Green

John Drinkwater dsp


Etc (see above)

Mrs Astley

Nathaniel Drinkwater

Mrs Jackson

Elizabeth Drinkwater

Jane Drinkwater
= Richard Prescott, of Preston, solicitor

Ann Prescott, born 1740, died 1802
= Egerton Smith, of Liverpool

Mrs Eyres

Mrs Ferriday

Ann Smith

Egerton Smith = Miss Wood

Mrs Melling

Mrs Webbe

William Smith

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