Published Sources

*Burke's Landed Gentry
Liverpool and Lancashire Directories
Liverpool Vestry Books
*Baines, T, History of the Commerce and Town of Liverpool, 1852. pp 425 , 457, 504, 515. Also a reference to a Drinkwater of Manchester p 706.
*Brooke, Richard, Liverpool as it was during the Last Quarter of the Eighteenth Century Liverpool 1853. p. 338. (could be more - index rather cursory)
Drinkwater, CH & Fletcher, WGD The Family of Drinkwater, of Cheshire, Lancashire, the Isle of Man etc The authors, 1920
†Ellison, Gleanings and Reminiscences Liverpool 1905. Liverpool cotton
*Gomer-Williams The Liverpool Privateers and Letters of Marque, with an account of the Liverpool slave trade 1897
*Touzeau, James, The Rise and Progress of Liverpool, 1910. A few references to George Drinkwater in respect of the administration of the town.

Unpublished Sources

Eleanor Leece's Diary

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