Bourne Pedigree

Extracted from the extensive pedigree written by Patrick Montague-Smith for the last edition of Burke's Landed Gentry, in which he himself appears.


Lineage  The Bournes of Nether Wyersdale traditionally migrated from the Kendal district of Westmorland, but appear in the Garstang and Cockerham parish registers from the 16th Century.  William Burne de Wyrsdall was buried at Garstang  21 Aug 1569.  In 1604/5, William Burne (who married 6 June 1599 Ellen Webster) held land in Garstang.  In 1641, Robert, John, Nicholas and Thomas Bourne refused to participate in the general protestation.  These were apparently Robert, son of William, of Wyersdale, baptised at Cockerham 20 March 1595/6; John son of Nicholas, of Nether Wyersdale, baptised Cockerham 30 June 1601; Nicholas son of Richard and Agnes, baptised Cockerham 17 October 1609; and Thomas, of Over Wyersdale.  This Nicholas was probably ancestor of the Stalmine Bournes (see below).  Robert Bourne of Lea Hall, Preston, held lands called John Bourne's, Habgills and Foxhouses in Nether Wyersdale, and Burnacre in Grisdale all in the parish of Garstang.  These he bequeathed to his nephew James Bourne of Nether Wyersdale 1717.


NICHOLAS BOURNE, or BURNE (1587-1651), of Nether Wyersdale, Lancs, husbandman; son of John Bourne, of Nether Wyresdale (b. 1587); m.  ? (?buried at Garstang 18 Jan 1650), and was bur. at Garstang, 1 March 1651, having had, with other issue who died as infants:


William Bourne (1631-c.1700), of Nether Wyersdale, husbandman, bapt. 26 Jan 1631; will dated 4 July 1698, pr 11 July 1700


Edward Bourne (1638- ) bapt. 21 April 1638


ALEXANDER BOURNE, or BURNE, of Nether Wyersdale, mentioned in his brother William's will as father of James

= ......... DICKINSON


JAMES BOURNE ( -c.1716), of Nether Wyersdale, heir to his uncle William of Nether Wyersdale.  Will dated 12 June 1716, pr 21 Feb 1716/7.

= HANNAH MASON, of Wyersdale m. at Garstang 2 February 1702 (died before 2 Sept 1755)


JOHN BOURNE (1706-1783), of Stalmine Hall, Lancs

= JANE FOX (1716-1783), daughter and co-heiress of Cornelius Fox, of Fernhill and Presall Park, m. 20 August 1740, Hambleton, Lancs


John Bourne (1741-1790) died 13 April 1790


James Bourne (1742-1816) = Dorothy Parkinson


Jane, died 29 December 1810


Elizabeth (1797-1799)


Henry Fox Bourne died 17 June 1784


CORNELIUS BOURNE (1747-1806), merchant, of Liverpool

= ANNE REYMER, widow of Edward Glover


John Bourne (1777-1841) of Stalmine Hall & Little Walton, JP

= Mary Bury (1777-1832) d. of John Bury of Salford


Cornelius Bourne (1807-1866) of Stalmine Hall, DL, JP

=  Alice Sharpe (1812-1860)


John William Bourne (1845-1915) of Stalmine Hall and Newnsham Hall, and Barnston Towers, Neston Cheshire.  JP Lancs.  Sold the manor of Stalmine with Steynall in 1888 when his first cousin Robert William Bourne purchased the lordship and the Bourne titles in Nether Wyersdale. 

                                                                                                                = Alice Pemberton (1836-1914)


Alice Dorothea Bourne (1880-


Margery Rosamond Bourne (1882-1913)

= Henry Williams Hill, of Malvern Worcs


Mary Bourne (1842-1925)


Margaret Bourne (1808-1863)

= Thomas Keay Hassell


Revd John Bury Bourne (1809-1868) Rector of Colmer with Priors Dean, Hants

=  Margaret Sophia Wood ( -1899)


John Henry Bourne (1844-1873) Captain 77th Regt. Bengal S.C. Died on the Looshai expedition.

= Henrietta Lizzie Rogers (1851-1948)


Revd John Bury Bourne (1872-1924) Rector of Cheverell Magna, Wilts, Chaplain RN

= Alice Arabella Shea


Percy John Henry Martin Bourne (1913-

= Betty Marguerite Wrightson


Sheila Ann Bourne (1937-


Geoffrey John Bourne (1939-


Peter Bury Bourne (1942-


Michael Cornelius Bourne (1948-


Virginia Alice Bourne (1954-


Alice Henrietta Emily Bourne (1910-1940)


Etta Mary Bourne (1870-1969)

= Capt Harold Wilder Hasler Helby, RN


Thomas Wood Bourne (1855 sic?-1928)

= Jessie Robbins


Chichele Wood Bourne (1882-1945)

= Muriel Morris Davies


Basil Wood Bourne (1883-1965) s. his uncle Robert William Bourne as Lord of the Manor of Stalmine with Steynall 1932, and until 1936 owned the Bourne titles in Nether Wyersdale.

= (1) Isabella Gwendoline Waite


Margaret Philippa Bourne (1923-

= Cyril Rowe


Elizabeth Rachel Bourne (1925-

= Isaac John Kent


= (2) Margaret Elizabeth Harding


Doris Wood Bourne (1886-1965)

= Sir (Reginald) George Stapledon, CBE FRS


Jessie Dorothy Bourne b. and d. 1885


Mary Elizabeth Bourne (1846-1921)


Robert William Bourne (1847-1932) of Manor House, Bishopstoke, Hants.  Purchased the Lordship of the Manor of Stalmine with Staynall from his first cousin John William Bourne in 1888.  Died unmarried.


Margaret Bourne (1850-1915)


Lucia Catherine Bourne (1853-59)


Anne Bourne (1811-1890)

=  Capt Arthur Yates Williams, RN


Jane Bourne (1812- ?)

= Capt Francis Whitlock, RIN


James Thomas Bourne (1813-1876), of Newsham Hall, Lancs, JP, cottonbroker in Liverpool


Thomas Rymer Bourne (1814- ?) of Carr Hall, Whitby, Yorks

= Anna Fowden Halliburton


Thomas Bourne (1779-1821) of Hackinsall Hall.  Died unmarried


Cornelius Fox Bourne (1781-1792)


James Bourne (1782-1835) of Hackinsall Hall and Heathfield House, Wavertree.  Died unmarried in Florence.


PETER BOURNE (1783-1846) of Hackinsall Hall and Heathfield House, Wavertree.  Mayor of Liverpool



Cornelius Bourne (1811-1839)


Sir James Bourne (1812-1882) 1st Bart, CB, of Hackinsall Hall and Heathfield House, Wavertree.  MP for Evesham 1856-80

= Sarah Harriet Dyson


Sir James Dyson Bourne, (1842-1883) 2nd and last Bart, of Hackinsall Hall and Heathfield House, Wavertree

= Lady Marion Jane Loftus, d of 5th Marquess of Ely


Harriet Anne Dyson Bourne (1846-1927)

= James William Seaburne May, who later changed his name to Bourne-May


Thomas Bourne (1814-1879)


Elinor Bourne (1815-1817)


Ann Bourne (1816-1858)

= Revd William Harper Brandreth


Elinor Drinkwater Bourne (1818- 1897)

= Sir William Leece Drinkwater


Peter Bourne of Rodney Street, Liverpool (1819-1881)


Revd George Drinkwater Bourne (1821-1901)

= (1) Jane Hole


Francis Hole Bourne (1850-1880)


Margaret Hole Bourne (1848-

= Revd Francis Edward Broome Witts of Upper Slaughter


= (2) Harriet Eliza Moss (1826-1901)


                                                                                                              William Moss Bourne b. and d. 1861


                                                                                                              Hannah Moss Bourne (1858-1897)


                                                                                                              Louisa Moss Bourne (1863-1943)





Jane Bourne b. 1775 died an infant


Mary Ann Bourne b. 1776 died an infant


Jane Bourne b. 1778 died an infant


Mary Ann Bourne (1785-1851)

= James Molyneux of Sandfield, Lancs


Agnes Bourne = James Smith of Chorley, Lancs


Margery Bourne = Robert Lawe, solicitor, of Preston, Lancs


Timothy Bourne (1711-1781) of Euxton, Lancs

= Margaret Clarke


John Bourne (1748-  ) of Euxton

=……. Shuttleworth,


                                                                               Edward Bourne, of London, married


                                                                               Harriet Bourne

                                                                               = ……. Downing of London, merchant


Timothy Bourne, of Laurence Pountney Hill, London, merchant. Later retired to Wales

= ……. Whitby of London, merchant


one son


Robert Bourne d. 1755 in America


Hannah Bourne b. 1740 d. unm


Anne Bourne (1740- 1782) d. unm


Elizabeth Bourne (1744- )

= Robert Hesketh of Euxton


Margaret Bourne (1746- )

= Thomas Woodcock of Preston


Jane Bourne (1748-1779) d. unm


Mary Bourne (1753-1829)

= John Bourne of Dalby, Lincs        


Mary Bourne (1710 - )

= Edward Jackson of Cockerham


Hannah Bourne


William Bourne bap 1667


Robert Bourne of The Lea Hall, Preston, and Grisdale, Nether Wyersdale, founded and endowed Crosshill School, Garstang, mentioned in the wills of his uncle William and brother James, will dated and proved 1717.


John Bourne bondsman on probate of his uncle William’s will, exor. of his brother Richard’s will 1721.


Richard Bourne of Cabus in the parish of Garstang, exor of his brother James’s will. d 1721.


Revd Titus Bourne ( - 1734) of Dalby Hall, Lincs. (more details in BLG)

= Catherine Wilby


issue (see BLG entry)


Ellen Bourne (1640- )



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