Bourne Bibliography

Published Sources

Burke's Landed Gentry, 1960s edition. Bourne-May pedigree by Patrick Montague-Smith
Liverpool and Lancashire Directories
*Liverpool Registry of Merchant Ships Chetham Society 1967. Some details of vessels owned by Cornelius and his business partner Edward Mason.
Liverpool Vestry Books
Topography & Directory of Lancaster and 16 miles around Mannex, Preston 1881
*Baines, T, History of the Commerce and Town of Liverpool, 1852. pp 504, 547, 618, 624. Includes reference to James Bourne as a Director of the Liverpool & Manchester railway at the time of its opening.
*Barker & Harris, A Merseyside Town in the Industrial Revolution: St Helens 1750-1900 Liverpool University Press 1954. References to railway, coal and salt interests
Barker, TC Lancashire Coal, Cheshire Salt and the rise of Liverpool, HSLC Vol 103, 1951 pp 83 et seq
*Brooke, Richard, Liverpool as it was during the Last Quarter of the Eighteenth Century Liverpool 1853. Passing references to Cornelius Bourne pp. 362, 485.
Calvert AF, Salt in Cheshire, 1915
*Carlson, Robert E, The Liverpool & Manchester Railway Project 1821-1831, David & Charles, 1969. References to James Bourne and his contribution to the project
†Ellison, Gleanings and Reminiscences Liverpool 1905. Liverpool cotton broking
†Fishwick, Henry, History of Garstang Chetham Society 1878
*Gomer-Williams The Liverpool Privateers and Letters of Marque, with an account of the Liverpool slave trade 1897
*Lead, Peter, Agents of Revolution; John and Thomas Gilbert - entrepreneurs Keele University Staffordshire Heritage Series c. 1989. References to Cornelius Bourne's salt and canal boat interests
*Marshall, Brian, Hackensall with Preesall : 900 years of a Lancashire manor The author. Contains pedigree and details of estates in Preesall
*Muir, Ramsay & Platt, Edith History of Municipal Government in Liverpool, 1906
*Svedenstierna, Eric T Svedenstierna's Tour of Great Britain 1802-3: the travel diary of an industrial spy David & Charles 1973. Svedenstierna was shown round Liverpool by a Mr Bourne - almost certainly one of our family in view of their connections with Sweden.
*Touzeau, James, The Rise and Progress of Liverpool, 1910. A few references to John and Peter Bourne in respect of the administration of the town. (could be more - index rather cursory)

other references which may be of interest:

Chaloner, WH, Palatinate Studies, Chetham Society 1992, Ch V & VI
The rise and fall of the Marshalls of Northwich, salt proprietors; a saga in the industrial era in Cheshire, 1720-1917 HSLC vol 117 pp. 59 et seq

Unpublished Sources

Bourne MSS, Lancashire Record Office
Liverpool & Manchester Railway 1825-1845 PRO RAIL 371 1824-25 correspondance & papers Liverpool Record Office 385LIV
Montague-Smith MSS, Society of Genealogists, London
Rochdale Canal Company 1791-1968 Manchester Record Office B2 (quite a few others too)
St Helens Canal & Railway Co 1830-64 board minutes, contract plans and drawings PRO RAIL 593 1861-64 memoranda Liverpool University MS 644

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